Quadroon, octoroon and, more rarely, quintroon were historically racial categories of hypodescent used to describe proportion of African ancestry of mixed-race people in the slave societies of Latin America and parts of the 19th century Southern United States, particularly Louisiana…

Octoroon means a person of fourth-generation black ancestry. Genealogically, it means one-eighth black. Typically an Octoroon has one great-grandparent who is of full African descent and seven great-grandparents who are not.

hexadecaroon (1/16th)
dotriacontaroon (1/32)
tetrahexacontaroon (1/64)
octaicosahectaroon (1/128)
hexapentacontadictaroon (1/256)
dodecapentactaroon (1/512)
tetraicosakiliaroon (1/1,024)
octatetracontadiliaroon (1/2,048)
hexanonacontatetraliaroon (1/4,096)
dinonacontahectaoctaliaroon (1/8,192)

See IUPAC numerical multipliers.