Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society

Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society

Indiana University Press
336 pages
6 x 9
Cloth ISBN: 978-0-253-00629-5

john a. powell, Professor of Law; Director Haas Diversity Research Center
University of California, Berkeley

Foreword by:

David R. Roediger, Kendrick Babcock Professor of History and African American Studies
University of Illinois

Renowned social justice advocate john a. powell persuasively argues that we have not achieved a post-racial society and that there is much work to do to redeem the American promise of inclusive democracy. Culled from a decade of writing about social justice and spirituality, these meditations on race, identity, and social policy provide an outline for laying claim to our shared humanity and a way toward healing ourselves and securing our future. Racing to Justice challenges us to replace attitudes and institutions that promote and perpetuate social suffering with those that foster relationships and a way of being that transcends disconnection and separation.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Moving Beyond the Isolated Self
  • I. Race and Racialization
    • 1. Post-Racialism or Targeted Universalism?
    • 2. The Colorblind Multiracial Dilemma: Racial Categories Reconsidered
    • 3. The Racing of American Society: Race Functioning as a Verb Before Signifying as a Noun
  • II. White Privilege
    • 4. Whites Will Be Whites: The Failure to Interrogate Racial Privilege
    • 5. White Innocence and the Courts: Jurisprudential Devices that Obscure Privilege
  • III. The Racialized Self
    • 6. Dreaming of a Self Beyond Whiteness and Isolation
    • 7. The Multiple Self: Implications for Law and Social Justice
  • IV. Engagement
    • 8. Lessons from Suffering: How Social Justice Informs Spirituality
  • Afterword
  • References
  • Index
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