In the Shadow of Race: Growing Up As A Multiethnic, Multicultural, and “multiracial” American

In the Shadow of Race: Growing Up As A Multiethnic, Multicultural, and “multiracial” American

280 pages
Paperback ISBN: 978-0805825756

Teja Arboleda, President/Creative Director
Entertaining Diversity, Inc.

My father’s father was Filipino-Chinese…
My father’s mother was African American-Native American…
My mother’s father was German-Danish…
My mother’s mother was German…
I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but I grew up in Japan…

For once it’s not just black and white. In this compelling chronicle of his journey through life as a multicultural and multiethnic American, Teja Arboleda uniquely and personally challenges institutionalized notions of race, culture, ethnicity, and class. Arboleda has presented his story around the United States through his one-man performance-lecture Ethnic Man! Now, in this book, he fleshes out the depth of his experience as a culturally and racially mixed American, illustrating throughout the enigma of cultural and racial identity and the American identity crisis.

To facilitate its use as a course text, In the Shadow of Race is offered with a Teacher’s Guide written by Christine Clark. Topics for discussion include:

  • the social construction of race
  • racial separatism vs. diversity
  • racial, ethnic, and cultural identity development
  • the politics of racial categorization
  • mixed “race” peoples
  • cultural identity vs. identity by heritage
  • the concept of a “cultural home
  • changing identities within cultures


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Race Is a Four Letter Word
  • Chapter 2: Among the Trees
  • Chapter 3: Four Walls and a Cellar
  • Chapter 4: Checkmate
  • Chapter 5: Carrots?
  • Chapter 6: Plastic Armies
  • Chapter 7: Old Fence, New Paint
  • Chapter 8: Paper Houses, Horses, and Swords
  • Chapter 9: Squares in a Circle
  • Chapter 10: Shuffle
  • Chapter 11: The Connection
  • Chapter 12: The Adjustable Pedestal
  • Chapter 13: Hokkaido
  • Chapter 14: Two Steps Back
  • Chapter 15: The Official Proxy
  • Chapter 16: “You’re From China, Right?”
  • Chapter 17: The Awakening
  • Chapter 18: This Land Is Your Land
  • Chapter 19: Top of the Hill
  • Chapter 20: Letting Go
  • Chapter 21: Check One Only
  • Chapter 22: Losses
  • Chapter 23: The Testimony
  • Chapter 24: One
  • Chapter 25: Cool Winds Return Home
  • Chapter 26: Home
  • About the Author
  • Ancilary Materials for Educators
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