Mixed Emotions About My Mixed Heritage

Mixed Emotions About My Mixed Heritage

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Analise Kandasammy

When you truly love yourself you are released from the chains of trying to be someone you are not.

How many times have we heard – if you can’t love yourself, you can’t truly love anyone else? How many times have we heard we need to have self worth and be confident? How many of us feel true self love? Everyday? Well certainly not me.

I am ashamed to admit I was ridden with self hatred for years. Hated the colour of my skin, hated my hair, hated my body, hated my personality – man I couldn’t say one good thing about myself. I was constantly in a place of not meeting expectations and having to constantly keep up appearances for people in my life.

“For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve wrestled with identifying with a race. I am from 4 generations of inter racial unions and needless to say very mixed.”

I have always identified with black women since I was a child. Hell, I even thought I was black, you know especially since one drop of black means you are black too

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