Mulatto Nation: An installation by Lezley Saar

Mulatto Nation: An installation by Lezley Saar

The List Gallery at Swarthmore College
2003-02-28 through 2003-03-30

Lezley Saar

From: Mulattos at War: Battle of ‘Halfway’

Historian Lezley Saar, professor emerita from MU (Mulatto University) and a lifelong outspoken activist for the Mulatto Movement, traces the history of the Mulatto Nation from its bumpy beginnings to its conflicted present. She has codified the five stages of its history, depicted here in visual form, as follows: “Birth of a Nation”, “The Founding Mothers and Fathers of the Mulatto Nation”, “The Mulattoville Athenaeum”, “Alienation” and “Materialism and the Mulatto”. This site is dedicated to all the Mulattos, Quadroons, Octoroons, Lily-skins, Creoles, Cafe-au-Laits, Hybrids, Half-Breeds, and High Yellow House Niggers who have championed this great Nation.

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