It Takes a Village: Building Support Structures for Mixed Race Students in Higher Education

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It Takes a Village: Building Support Structures for Mixed Race Students in Higher Education

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) 26th Annual National Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
2013-05-28 through 2013-06-01

2013-05-31, 15:15-17:15 CST (Local Time)

Lawrence-Minh Davis, Founding Co-Director
The Asian American Literary Review, Inc.

Jennifer Hayashida, Professor and Director of Asian American Studies
Hunter College, City University of New York

Marc Johnston, Candidate, Higher Education & Organizational Change
University of California, Los Angeles

Mary Danico, Professor of Sociology
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

From Hunter College, CUNY, which has no mixed race student organization, to University of San Diego, which has no services or resources for mixed race students whatsoever, many of our institutions of higher learning are unequipped to support our multiracial student populations, set to increase exponentially in the coming years. How to help these young people, grappling with racial and cultural self-identity, community belonging, isolation, confusion, and discrimination? How to help our institutions develop proper services—and academic coursework? The Mixed Race Initiative (MRI) is a national project designed to provide precisely that help: in Fall 2013 MRI will connect over 40 college and university classrooms, host a virtual conversation about race and mixed race, and build support structures for mixed race students across the country. This proposed workshop would bring together key participants in MRI to discuss the project and work with attendees on the following: identifying key challenges for students, faculty, and student services; identifying key resources; building networks—opening channels of exchange across institutional spaces; employing multimedia and social media to best effect; developing and establishing mixed race courses; and tailoring resources and best practices for specific environments.

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