The Hafu Project: October Newsletter

The Hafu Project: October Newsletter

The Hafu Project Newsletter
The Hafu Project
October 2012

The Hafu Project talking at a multicultural family workshop organized by TIPP in Meguro

We hope this email finds you well. This year the summer was harsh in Japan. We do hope you got to enjoy summer wherever you are in the world!

This volume of the newsletter features an interview with hafu writer, Sandra Häfelin, who recently published a book titled “Hafu ga bijin nante mousou desukara!!” (Translation: “It’s only a myth that hafus are beautiful!!”). Sandra was one of the many supporters who kindly participated in The Hafu Project in 2009 in Tokyo. Her website “Hafu wo kangaeyou” explores the topic of hafus through everyday experiences and stories. It is such a joy to read with plenty of real episodes, we highly reccommend her website!

If you happen to live in Japan, you may have noticed a surge of media exposure of hafus. To start with, Nippon Television interviewed a dozen young hafu girls in Harajuku to discuss some of the unexpected cons of being a hafu in Japan (Zoom In Saturday, aired on Sep 15). Weekly magazine SPA also had a dedicated feature on hafus, which included the ins and outs of why hafus are often considered to be a “gaikokujin” (foreigner). In addition, Nagoya Television covered three hafu individuals with varying stories (UP!, aired on Sep 27). Each of these three media exposures had different approaches but certainly added to the current dialogue of being a hafu in Japan…

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