the author has endeavored to make plain the following propositions, and, as they are the very reverse of those laid down by the author of “Miscegenation”


In the preceding pages, the author has endeavored to make plain the following propositions, and, as they are the very reverse of those laid down by the author of “Miscegenation,” he adopts the mode of that writer in summing up, in order the more successfully to present the contrast:

  1. That as by the teachings of science, religion, and democracy the human family is composed of different races or species, distinct in color and other physical as well as mental peculiarities, it follows that there should be distinctions in political and social rights, corresponding with such physical and mental differences.
  2. That the doctrine of human brotherhood should be accepted in its entirety in the United States, and that it implies the equality of all whom God has created equal, and the inequality of all whom He has made unequal.
  3. That a solution of the negro problem will not have been reached in this country until public opinion universally sanctions negro Subgenation.
  4. That, as the negro ought not to be driven out of the country or exterminated, and as for wise purposes he has been placed side by side with the white race, there should be severe laws passed punishing any sexual intercourse between the race.
  5. That the mingling of diverse races, or Miscegenation, is a positive injury to the progeny, producing a weaker and a hybrid race, which rapidly perishes, as proved by the history of all nations, from that of Egypt to this day.
  6. That, as the war has been caused by the Miscegenationists striving to force their revolting and disgusting doctrines on the people of the South, it follows that perfect peace and Union can soonest be restored to our country by the North adopting negro Subgenation at once, by each State amending its Constitution to that effect, and then accepting the Confederate Constitution as the basis of a Federal Government.
  7. That it is the duty of Democrats everywhere to advocate Subgenation, or the normal relation of the races on this continent, as a great humanitarian reform.
  8. That as the last Presidential election was carried by the Miscegenationists, and has brought four years of blood, suffering, and untold taxation upon the country, the next Presidential election should be carried by the Subgenationists, who will thus restore order, peace, and commercial prosperity.
  9. That a society founded on Subgenation produces the highest type of mankind—the most consummate statesmen and generals, the highest type of womanhood, and the most exalted morality and virtue.
  10. That the Millennial future is to be ushered in through a complete understanding of the laws of Subgenation, by which an equality of condition is to become universal—thus realizing the instinct of an equality of creation; and that whoever helps to achieve this result, helps to make the human family the sooner realize its great destiny.

John H. Van Evrie, Subgenation: The Theory of the Normal Relation of the Races; an Answer to “Miscegenation,” (New York: John Bradburn Publishing, 1864): 67-69.

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