The Negro: A Menace to American Civilization

The Negro: A Menace to American Civilization

The Gorham Press
281 pages
Library of Congress: E185.61 .S38

R. W. Shufeldt, M.D. (1850-1934)


  • I. Man’s Place in Nature from a Biological Standpoint.
  • II. The Ethnological Status of the Negro.
  • III. The Introduction of the Negro into the United States.—The African Slave Trade.
  • IV. Biological Principles of Interbreeding in Man and Other Animals.
  • V. Halfbreeds, Hybridization, Atavism, Heredity, Mental and Physical Characters of Race Hybrids.
  • VI. The Effects of Fraternization between the Ethiopian and Anglo-Saxon Paces upon Morals, upon Ethics, and upon the Material Progress of Mankind.
  • VII. Passion and Criminality in the Negro: Lynch Law and other Questions.

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