Call for Papers – ‘Skin Tone, “Colourism” and “Passing”’

Call for Papers – ‘Skin Tone, “Colourism” and “Passing”’

University of Leeds
School of Sociology and Social Policy
Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Peter Edwards

The Race in the Americas (RITA) group, in partnership with the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies (CERS), seeks abstract submissions on the theme of skin tone, ‘colourism’ and ‘passing’.

The seminar will be held on Saturday 8 March 2014, at the University of Leeds.

Submissions might include, but are not restricted to, research on the following topics:

  • ‘Colourism’ as a prejudice within racial groups with regard to skin tone;
  • The social implications of individuals passing as one race instead of another;
  • The impact of ‘passing’ on the politics of representation and governance;
  • The creation of space for a multi-ethnic identity: what is that space and does it exist? Are individuals forced to identify with one ethnicity over another?;
  • Racial identity as a performance through clothing, speech and patterns of consumption;
  • The proliferation of chemical products to lighten or darken skin tone and what this means for understandings of ‘race’;
  • Cultural systems of caste classification and translations of skin tone into political structures;
  • The role of skin tone in influencing confidence, and in determining social status within a power structure that privileges whiteness;

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