“A Lot Like You” ~ Where Will Your Cultural Journey Take You?

“A Lot Like You” ~ Where Will Your Cultural Journey Take You?

Mixed Race Radio
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2014-01-15, 20:00Z (15:00 EDT)

Tiffany Rae Reid, Host

Eliaichi Kimaro, Filmmaker

On today’s episode of Mixed Race Radio, we will meet Activist-turned-filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro. As the director of 9elephants productions, Eli produces videos for non-profits about social and economic justice issues in an effort to use  video to bring stories of struggle, resistance and survival to a broader audience.

Eliaichi brings a lifetime of personal and professional experience exploring issues of culture, identity, race, class, gender and trauma to her Award-winning directorial debut, A Lot Like You.  Drawing upon her 9-year film journey, she is currently on the campus and conference lecture circuit engaging communities across the country in discussion about mixed race/multicultural issues, cultural identity, gender violence, and the power of personal storytelling.

Please join us Today as we discuss how we can “use our own personal stories (our own documentaries if you will) like ‘A Lot Like You’, as a spring board for exploring issues of race, identity, and belonging.”

WON’T YOU JOIN US? We’d love to hear your story!

Listen to the interview here.

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