Tangled Roots: Celebrating mixed race people and families

Tangled Roots: Celebrating mixed race people and families

Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots publishes books, and stages events and performances which explore the mixed race experience in the UK


Submission Guidelines:

  • Please send up to 2,000 words cut and pasted into an email to tangledroots@live.co.uk.
  • Sorry, attachments will not be considered.
  • If you have relevant photographs, please tell us about these too.
  • Closing date for BOOK submissions is April 30 2015. However, website submissions are on-going and until further notice.
  • If you have a story to tell, we would like to hear from you. Please don’t worry about your spelling, grammar, etc. We have editors who can take care of that. It is great stories we are after!
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE MIXED-RACE YOURSELF TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY – Tangled Roots is open to EVERYONE who has experienced of a mixed family or household.
  • We are aware that definitions of race and religion can sometimes overlap, therefore we welcome stories where religious tensions has/can form a significant barrier to personal relationships.
  • For more information about Tangled Roots and the kind of stories we’re looking for please click on the ‘Stories about mixed lives’ tab above. However, regrettably, there will not be space for poetry in the new collection.

For more information, click here.