Just Black?: Multi-Racial Identity

Just Black?: Multi-Racial Identity

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Produced by:

Francine Winddance Twine

Jonathan F. Warren

Francisco Ferrandiz

Most of us at one time or other are faced with an official form requiring us to “check” the applicable ethnic designation. What “box” does a person check if his or her parents come from different racial backgrounds?

In this provocative documentary, we meet several articulate young men and women of mixed racial heritage. Each has one black parent, and a white, Asian or Hispanic second parent. They share with us their struggle to establish, acquire and assert a racial identity. Their experiences lead one to question whether there is room in America for a multi-racial identity.

The interviews presented reflect the research of anthropologist Francine Winddance Twine. Her searching questions on dating, family relationships, friendships and childhood experiences reveal a wide range of reactions to having a dual heritage. As these young people speak of their hopes and frustrations, they all reveal the tension of having their multicultural background overlooked and being classified as having one racial identity.

The candor with which these college students reveal themselves makes this compelling viewing for university and general audiences.


  • American Psychological Association, 1993
  • Honorable Mention, American Film & Video Festival,1992
  • Special Jury Award, National Educational Film & Video Festival, 1992
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