White supremacy remains intact despite the increase in interracial relationships

White supremacy remains intact despite the increase in interracial relationships

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Huma Munshi
London, United Kingdom

It’s been a strange tale of race relations of late. On the one hand, research indicates that one in ten relationships are between people from different ethnic backgrounds. Yet on the other hand, the effects of institutional racism are as potent ever.

It can come as no surprise that we are seeing more people in relationships from a different ethnic background. In cities with a high population density, mixing within diverse communities is very much the norm. In London, the 2011 Census showed that the BAME population outnumbered White British for the first time. Within that, however, there are pockets where there is significant segregation of communities. The groups that are least likely to be in mixed relationships are Bengali and Pakistani. So even within the context of mixed race relationships there are anomalies.

But this is just one small piece of a complex jigsaw.

PC Carol Howard’s case of race and sex discrimination against the Metropolitan Police Service was upheld last week, the employment tribunal ruled that the MPS “directly discriminated” against her. Moreover, it cast a light on the practice of “systematically destroying evidence of sexual and racial discrimination within its ranks”. Officers within the MPS clearly had great difficulty with a black woman in a senior position…

…In some respects the increase in relationships between different ethnic groups does not make the slightest difference to white supremacy in society. The latter not only exists but has such a profound and all pervasive impact on society. People may mix, they may marry and have children but what of the structures of racism that prevail?…

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