Jordan Peele Scares America

Jordan Peele Scares America

The Ringer

Sean Fennessey, Editor-in-Chief

(Jaya Nicely)

After the amazing success of his directorial debut, ‘Get Out,’ the ‘Key and Peele’ star sits down for a conversation about how he pulled off his daring horror-satire, the lie of a post-racial society, and what comes next

Get Out broke out. One year ago, if someone had told you that a movie about a black guy visiting the home of his white girlfriend’s parents for a summer weekend — starring an unknown lead and Marnie from Girls — would become the unmitigated Hollywood success story of the young year, you might tell that person to, well, get out. But that is exactly what Jordan Peele, the 38-year-old sketch star best known for Comedy Central’s Key and Peele, has accomplished with his directorial debut.

After just two weeks of release, the movie has already earned more than 18 times its reported $4.5 million budget and ignited a new kind of conversation about race, the pitfalls of white liberalism, and what it really means to make a horror movie in 2017. Peele, who also wrote the movie, sat down for a podcast conversation about how he did it and what comes next. This is a condensed and edited version of that conversation…

Listen to the interview (00:38:05) here. Download the interview here.

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