TMA Founder’s Statement on Loving Day 2017

TMA Founder’s Statement on Loving Day 2017

The Multiracial Activist
June 12, 2017

James Landrith, Founder and Publisher

Dear Readers,

As this is Loving Day and so much has changed in the last few years, I am reposting my 2015 statement as a reminder of what we have to lose. What I said in 2015, still stands in 2017. Those pockets of hatred and individuals I mentioned in 2015 are making their presence known loudly in 2017.

Hard-won legal victories pertaining to interracial relationship marriage rights are not in any immediate danger. However, the current iteration of the GOP has repeatedly demonstrated an utter lack of a spine with regard to dealing with the long-term effects of the party’s immoral courting of bigots and racists. The effects of their collusion and apathy are evident.

This mess isn’t going away anytime soon. The right to love and marry across lines is settled. However, racism and anti-miscegenationist thought are very much alive. Now is not the time to sleep…

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