Love Knows No Barriers

Love Knows No Barriers

New American Library
1950 (originally published by Creative Age Press in 1947 as God is for White Folks)

Will Thomas [William Smith] (1900-1970)


Many Worlds Mingled at Riverbend Plantation

Riverbend Plantation, isolated and decaying, had seen many strange events, passionate conflict and tragic romance. In the shadows of its crumbling walls you will meet:

  • Beau Beauchamp — the cast-off son of the white plantation owner and his ravishing, dark Creole mistress.
  • Elisse Leseur — a beautiful blonde of mixed descent who shunned the offers of wealthy whites and poor Negroes.
  • Bartolomew — an understanding Northerner who put his theories into practice and fought off an enraged mob.
  • Gaynor Brackens — the hot-blooded son of the leading banker, who determined to have Elisse — at any price.
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