Beyond the Rainbow: Mixed Race and Mixed Culture in the 21st Century Work Place

Beyond the Rainbow: Mixed Race and Mixed Culture in the 21st Century Work Place

Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research
2010 Conference: Living and Working in a Intercultural World
2010-04-14 through 2010-04-17
Spokane, Washington
Session Date: 2010-04-15

Harriet Cannon, M.C.

Rhoda Berlin, MS

Today on the street, at schools and in the workplace, we can no longer be sure of a person’s ethnicity by their surname or appearance. Walk the streets of any larger city, most university campuses, and the majority of businesses in the United States and if you are looking for it, you will be amazed at the number of mixed race people under the age of 40. This quiet revolution is rapidly changing the face of the US, Canada, Europe, and has a presence in Asia.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss how multicultural and mixed race population growth is pushing the boundaries of our thinking about diversity and cross cultural training. We will discuss appearance and identity and address the breadth and depth of mixed race experience. We will share our research on mixed race adult identity. We will describe strengths and challenges educators and trainers increasingly encounter with this mushrooming diverse mixed race population at university and in the workplace. There will be group participation on brainstorming creative changes in delivery of diversity/intercultural training in the 21st century.

View the session handout (a few reading resources on biracial and multiethnic identity)  here.

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