New England Identities: Black New England Conference

New England Identities: Black New England Conference

University of New Hampshire
2009-06-11 thorugh 2009-06-13

New England: Beyond Black & White

Moving beyond rigid racial identities, this year’s conference will explore the contemporary as well as historic interactions between Black and Indigenous communities, the presence of “passing” mixed race individuals, and the more recent immigrant experience, within a New England context. These complex interactions, connections, conflicts, experiences, and resistant efforts of Black, white, Indigenous, and multi-racial citizens will be explored through scholarly research, presentations on books, shared personal stories, and imagery.

The Black New England Conference is a 2-day conference that gathers scholars, teachers, researchers, community members and members of local organizations to share their work and insights on the Black experience past and present in New England. It is both an academic conference and a celebration of Black life and history in New England.

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