Likely Asked Questions

Why did you create this site?
I created this site as a means of focusing attention towards intelligent discussions about ‘mixed-race’ issues and away from the superficial discourses in the popular media. One of the goals of the site is to show that ‘racial’ and cultural mixing have been part of North American history for centuries.

Are you receiving any funding for this site?
No, and I am not seeking any. My hosting fees are minimal. This site is a labor of love.

What are you?
I am an computer programmer analyst, database designer, photographer, and one-half of a happily married (together 27 years) black-and-white interracial couple living in the Washington, DC area.

I have just received a publishing contract for a dissertation/manuscript referenced by your site and my publisher wants you to remove it. What should I do?
I do not have (nor ever have had) any documents on the site. I only post links to publicly accessible documents that I (or anyone/everyone else, for that matter) can find via an internet search engine. I completely understand the copyright and/or licensing requirements that may be required by your publisher, so please follow the steps below to ensure that those requirements will be met.

  1. Please follow the link to the document and contact the web host (and any other hosts) and have the content removed or have its access restricted.
  2. As a courtesy to other visitors of this site, please contact me after the content has been removed or restricted so I can remove the link.

Are there any degree programs for “Mixed Race Studies?”
Not that I am aware of.  The vast majority of courses on mixed-race studies are within the disciplines of Sociology, Psychology, History and Literature, etc.  If you are interested in studying mixed-race, work with your academic advisor and contact a scholar and/or department at an institution for guidance.