Are You Ready for the Census?

Are You Ready for the Census?

Sacramento Daily Union
Volume 19, Number 2862 (1860-05-29)
page 1, column 4
Source: California Digital Newspaper Collection

On the first of June, Friday next, the various Deputy Marshals in the different portions of the State will commence their labors in taking the census of the United States, which mast be completed by the first of November.   The Marshals are required by the Act of Congress to separate their districts into subdivisions containing not over 21,000 persons, unless inconvenient boundaries are made by so doing. Each Assistant must make a personal visit to each dwelling house and each family in his subdivision, make monthly returns to the U.S. Marshal, and within one month after the time specified for the completion of the enumeration, furnish the census returns to the County Clerk. For the purpose of giving information to the public, we publish the following list of questions which it will be necessary to answer. This list can be cut out and the answers prepared in anticipation of the call of the taker:

The age of each, sex and color, whether white, black or mulatto.

Profession, occupation or trade of each male person over fifteen years of age.

Value of real estate owned.

Place of birth, naming the state, Territory or country.

Married within the year.

Attend school within the year.

Persons over twenty years of age who cannot read or write.

Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane or idiotic, pauper or convict.

Name of owner, agent or manager of the farm.

Number of improved acres.

Number of unimproved acres.

Cash value of farm.

Value of farming implements and machinery.

Live stock on hand June 1st, 1860, viz.: Number of horses, mules and asses, working oxen milch cows and other cattle, swine and sheep.

Value of live stock.

Value of animal slaughtered during the year.

Produce during the year ending June 1st, 1860, viz: Number bushels wheat, rye, Indian corn, oats, beans and peas, buckwheat, barley, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, pounds of wool and pounds of tobacco.

Value ore land products in dollars.

Gallons of wine, value of produce of market garden, pounds of butter, pounds of cheese, tons of hay, bushels of clover seed, pounds of hops, pounds of flax, bushels of flaxseed, pounds of maple sugar, gallons of molasses, pounds of honey and beeswax, value of home made manufactures.

Name of corporation, company or individual producing articles to the annual value of $500.

Name of business, manufacture or product.

Capital invested in real estate and personal estate in the business.

Raw material used, including fuel, viz : Quantities, kinds, value, kind of motive power, machinery, structure or resource.

Average number of hands employed, viz : Male, female, average monthly cost of male labor, average monthly cost of female labor. Annual product, viz: Quantities, kinds, values.

Name of every person who died during the year ending June 1st, 1860, whose usual place of abode was in the family, the age, sex and color, whether white, black or mulatto, married or widowed, places of birth, naming the State, Territory or country, the month in which the person died, profession, occupation or trade, disease or cause of death.

In connection with the subject of taking the census in this State; the San Francisco Herald says:

The compensation fixed by the Act is two cents for each person enumerated, ten cents a mile for necessary travel—to be ascertained by multiplying the square root of the number of dwelling houses in the division by the square root of the number of square miles—ten cents for each farm fully returned, fifteen cents for each establishment of protective industry, two percent, for social statistics, upon the amount allowed for the enumeration of population, and two cents for the name of each deceased person enumerated.  The United Stales Marshals are allowed to employ superintendent clerks, and such other clerks, with the consent of the Secretary of the Interior, as they may deem necessary. In regard to compensation for all these officers, the Act of Congress has been amended so far as it applies to California, Oregon, Utah, and New Mexico, and it may be increased according to the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, Indeed he has already expressed the opinion that the remuneration is inadequate, and has given assurances that so far as the law applies to California the rates named above shall be quadrupled.

It is estimated that our population at this time exceeds 700,000, and it Would not surprise us if the census should exhibit a still larger number. With a representation in Congress under this enumeration, the influence of California will be so vastly increased we may no longer be compelled to listen to complaints of inattention and neglect. It may occur that we shall have an equal representation with Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.

It has been estimated that the census of 1860 will exhibit a total population in the United States of 81,500,000 souls, of whom 27,000,000 are whites. “To be apportioned on this population,” writes a statistician, “are two hundred and thirty-three representatives. Of this number, it is estimated, the Southern States will have eighty-two, being a decrease of seven; the Middle States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware will have fifty-nine, being a decrease of five; New England will have twenty-five, being a decrease of four; while the Western States will have sixty-seven. being an increase of fourteen.”

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