The Octoroon: A Play, In Four Acts

The Octoroon: A Play, In Four Acts

First Performed at the Winter Garden Theatre
New York, New York
December, 1859

Dion Boucicault, ESQ (1820-1890)

Text from James A. Cannavino Library, Marist University, Poughkeepsie, New York

Characters Original Cast

GEORGE PEYTON (Mrs. Peyton’s
Nephew, educated in Europe, and just returned home)

Mr. A. H.

(formerly Overseer of Terrebonne, but now Owner of one half of the

Mr. T. B. Johnston.

(a Yankee from Massachusetts, now Overseer of Terrebonne, great on
improvements and inventions, once a Photographic Operator, and been
a little of everything generally)

Mr. J. Jefferson.

 PETE (an “Ole Uncle,” once the late Judge’s
body servant, but now “too ole to work, sa”)

Mr. G. Jamieson.

 SUNNYSIDE (a Planter, Neighbour, and Old Friend of the

Mr. G. Holland.

(a Rich Planter)

Mr. Stoddart.

(a Yellow Boy, a favourite of the late Judge’s, and so allowed to do much as he

Miss Burke.

(Captain of the Magnolia Steamer)

Mr. Harrison.

(an Auctioneer and Slave Salesman)

Mr. Russell.

(a Young Creole Planter)

Miss H. Secor.

(an Overseer)

Mr. Peck.

(a Planter)

Mr. Tree.

(the Auctioneer’s Clerk)

Mr. Ponisi.

(a Slave)

Mr. Styles.

(an Indian Chief of the Lepan Tribe)

Mr. Pearson.

(of Terrebonne Plantation, in the Attakapas, Widow of the late Judge Peyton)

Mrs. Blake.

(an Octoroon Girl, free, the Natural Child of the late Judge by a Quadroon

Mrs. J. H. Allen.

(only Daughter and Heiress to Sunnyside, a Southern Belle)

Mrs. Stoddart.

(a Yellow Girl, a Slave)

Miss Gimber

(the Cook, a Slave)

 Mrs. Dunn.


Miss Clinton.

(a Quadroon Slave)

Miss Walters.
Planters, Slaves, Deck Hands, &c.

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