Brown: The Last Discovery of America

Brown: The Last Discovery of America

Penguin Books
256 Pages
Paperback ISBN: 9780142000793
eBook ISBN: 9781101161500

Richard Rodriguez

In his dazzling new memoir, Richard Rodriguez reflects on the color brown and the meaning of Hispanics to the life of America today. Rodriguez argues that America has been brown since its inception-since the moment the African and the European met within the Indian eye. But more than simply a book about race, Brown is about America in the broadest sense—a look at what our country is, full of surprising observations by a writer who is a marvelous stylist as well as a trenchant observer and thinker.

Table of Contents

  • Brown – Richard Rodriguez Preface
  • One: The Triad of Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Two: In the Brown Study
  • Three: The Prince and I
  • Four: Poor Richard
  • Five: Hispanic
  • Six: The Third Man
  • Seven: Dreams of a Temperate People
  • Eight: Gone West
  • Nine: Peter’s Avocado
  • Acknowledgments
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