Afro-German Biracial Identity Development

Afro-German Biracial Identity Development

Virginia Commonwealth University
May 2010
75 pages

Rebecca R. Hubbard

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science at Virginia Commonwealth University

An increase in the biracial population has heightened our awareness of unique issues that pervade the experience of these individuals. The importance of environmental influences on biracial identity development has been established, but investigations concerning racial socialization of biracial individuals are scarce. This study, utilizing a qualitative design, explores racial identity development of biracial Afro-Germans living in Germany. The purpose of the study is to understand the strategies that biracial individuals use to negotiate their racial identity, factors that influence their development, cultural influences, and racial socialization processes. Interviews with biracial Afro-Germans were conducted using phenomenological interviewing techniques. Twelve themes emerged from the data that are best conceptualized in an ecological model. Inter-rater reliability was established in two phases. Implications of the findings include a need for continued research with Black-White biracial populations.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • Abstract
  • Problem Statement
  • Review of the Literature
    • Developmental Models
    • Developmental Models of Biracial Identity Development
    • Ecological Models
    • Ecological Models of Biracial Identity Development
    • Racial Socialization
    • Racial Socialization of Biracial Individuals
    • Value of Cross-Cultural Comparisons
    • Historical Context of People of African Descent in Germany
    • Empirical Research with Afro-German Populations
    • Theoretical Conceptualization
    • Research Questions
  • Method
    • Purpose
    • Design
    • Role of the Researcher
    • Sampling & Recruitment of Participants
    • Procedure
    • Data Analysis
    • Verification
    • Limitations
  • Themes
    • Intersectional Identity
    • Black Identity
    • German/White Identity
    • Disconnect/Denial
    • Positive Internal Coping
    • Environmental Support
    • Injured Family
    • Person-Environment Discrepancy
    • Multi Kulti
    • American Familiarity
    • Racism, Marginalization, Conflict
    • Progress and Change
    • Ecological Conceptualization of Themes
  • Discussion
    • The Essence of Biracial Afro-German Identity
    • Culture and Nationality
    • Lack of Appropriate Language
    • Future Directions
  • List of References

List of Tables

  1. Table 1 Mean Age and Parental Heritage by Gender
  2. Table 2 Participant Demographics

List of Figures

  1. Figure 1 Root’s Ecological Model of Biracial Identity
  2. Figure 2 “Sarotti Mohr” Trademark of a German chocolate company
  3. Figure 3 Hubbard’s Ecological Model of Afro-German Biracial Identity (HEMBAGI)

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