What Growing Up Mixed-Race Taught Me About Food

What Growing Up Mixed-Race Taught Me About Food

Spoon University

Susanna Mostaghim
Virginia Tech

And why we’re the ultimate foodies.

Weird things come with being mixed-race. These include, but are not limited to: no one ever guessing your heritage correctly, random stereotypes you wouldn’t expect, a fusion of your parents’ cultures, and questions of “Wait, where did your parents meet?”

Being mixed-race, I commonly get mistaken for being of Hispanic origin, which is a laugh as neither of my parents are from the same continents as any Hispanic country. It’s my favorite bar game to have people guess my heritage when they ask, “But where are you really from?” (cue my desire to act like this).

It’s kind of like that Parks and Rec[creation] scene where Leslie asks Tom where he’s from, and it ends with him saying his mom’s uterus.

But what most people don’t realize is that the best part of being mixed-race isn’t that you don’t look like any certain race or anything physical. It’s the fusion of the different food styles your parents and community bring to the table…

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