Master of None: How a Hong Kong high-flyer overcame the devastating experience of imprisonment

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Master of None: How a Hong Kong high-flyer overcame the devastating experience of imprisonment

Blacksmith Books
October 2011
312 pages
colour photo section
Size: 14.6 x 21.6 cm
Hardback ISBN: ISBN: 978-988-19002-7-2

John Hung

Does a man need a stint in jail to complete his life experiences?

From Stanley Prison, corporate high-flyer John T. Hung recounts his life in a sweep of Hong Kong history over five generations – from his family roots in the 19th century through World War II to the present.

The story tracks the richness of his mixed heritage and upbringing, his steady rise and precipitous fall from the pinnacles of corporate Hong Kong to the life-destroying court case and heartbreaking incarceration.

With wry and subtle humour, Hung describes his colourful yet volatile life, interwoven into the social, commercial, political and sporting tapestry of Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Master of None is a soulful exploration of human achievements, frailties, resilience in the face of adversity, and above all, the importance of family support in overcoming whatever fate may deal us.

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The Eurasian Face

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The Eurasian Face

Blacksmith Books
November 2010
140 pages
70+ b/w images
Bilingual: English/Chinese
20.5 x 31 cm
Hardcover ISBN: 978-988-99799-9-7

Kirsteen Zimmern

No one represents diversity better than Eurasians—those individuals with a mix of Caucasian and Asian heritage. Once a source of shame, the Eurasian face has become the face that sells. It is the face with which everyone can identify. In an ever-shrinking world, the search is on for a one-size-fits-all global image. Eurasians have become the world’s poster boys and girls, much sought after as actors and models.

Taking advantage of increasingly tolerant times and the growing commercial and cultural exchanges between East and West, Eurasians have gained prominence as entrepreneurs, professionals and athletes. This book of interviews and black-and-white portraits reveals how seventy Eurasians of diverse backgrounds see their place in the world today.

Kirsteen Zimmern is a photographer of Chinese and Scottish ancestry. She has always been fascinated by the tell-tale signs of East and West in the faces of fellow Eurasians, and has found this fascination to be widespread: few days go by without strangers examining her appearance to discern her ethnicity. She lives in Hong Kong.

View pages 48-59 here.

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