New ‘Hysterical’ Web Series Explores Single Life for 40-Something Women of Color

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New ‘Hysterical’ Web Series Explores Single Life for 40-Something Women of Color

Chic Rebellion

Elayne Fluker, Chief Executive Officer

“You know, marriage is hard. I’m not always happy–the shit gets hard.” So goes a line by Rain Pryor to actress Esther Friedman in Friedman’s new web series, Hysterical Historical Hillary–which screens at the Bushwick Film Festival on Saturday, October 3, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. Friedman plays Hillary, a 40-something woman longing for love in New York City. Having had a successful web series on in 2008 and a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 that raised $8430, the New York native teamed up with her sixteen-year-old brother Sam Friedman, already an award winning filmmaker, to tell stories of what they call “the not-so-hot topics of human experiences.” And as any singleton in New York knows that if dating in the Big Apple is anything it is certainly an experience!

ChicRebellion.TV caught up with Friedman to chat about meaning of the phrase “hysterical historical, her personal connection to Hillary, if web series have helped even the playing field for women of color who have a story to tell, and why she chose the path less traveled when deciding how to distribute her work…

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The Awesome Unordinary: Meet Marawa, The Celebrity Hula-Hooper

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The Awesome Unordinary: Meet Marawa, The Celebrity Hula-Hooper

Chic Rebellion

Jazzi Johnson

As children, we’re told to go after our dreams and not to let anyone deter us from whatever it may be… Well, can you imagine being 18 years old and telling your parents that you dream of hula-hooping for a living? That’s precisely what Marawa Ibrahim did.

Ibrahim, better known as Marawa the Amazing, is a record-breaking hula-hooper! She currently holds the Guinness world record for 160 hoops at once, and is known for roller-skating and hooping in high heels as part of her act. A natural born nomad, she was born to a Somalian father and an Australian mother. Inspired by the art of gymnasium, she took to Olga Korbut, Josephine Baker, and Delores Van Cartier to name a few.

Destined to live a world of her own making, Marawa enrolled in NICA- the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia– and earned her Bachelor of Circus Arts. Although she specialized in swinging trapeze, she always knew that hula-hoops was where her future lie…

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