Race, Ethnicity and Football: Persisting Debates and Emergent Issues

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Race, Ethnicity and Football: Persisting Debates and Emergent Issues

288 pages
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-415-88205-7

Edited by:

Daniel Burdsey, Senior Lecturer of Sociology
Chelsea School of Sport
University of Brighton

As the first edited collection dedicated specifically to race, ethnicity and British football, this book brings together a range of academics, comprising both established commentators and up-and-coming voices. Combining theoretical and empirical contributions, the volume will addresses a wide variety of topics such as the experiences of Muslims, the recruitment of African players, devolution and national identities, case studies of minority ethnic clubs, “mixed-race” players, multiculturalism and anti-racism, sectarianism, education, and foreign club ownership. Covering the both amateur and professional spheres, and focusing on both players and supporters, the book elucidates the linkages between race, ethnicity, gender and masculinity.


  • Introduction
    • 1. They Think It’s All Over…It Isn’t Yet! The Persistence of Structural Racism and Racialised Exclusion in Twenty-First Century Football Daniel Burdsey
  • Racialised Exclusions and ‘Glocal’ Im/mobilities
    • 2. ‘Dark Town’ and ‘A Game for Britishers’: Some Notes on History, Football and ‘Race’ in Liverpool John Williams
    • 3. Is Football the New African Slave Trade? Colin King
    • 4. Football, Racism and the Irish David Hassan and Ken McCue
  • Contested Fields and Cultural Resistance
    • 5. Racisms, Resistance and New Youth Inclusions: The Socio-Historical Development and Shifting Focus of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Football Clubs in Leicester Steven Bradbury
    • 6. What is Rangers Resisting Now? ‘Race’, Resistance and Shifting notions of Blackness in Local Football in Leicester Paul Campbell
    • 7. British Muslim Female Experiences in Football: Islam, Identity and the Hijab Aisha Ahmad
  • ‘New’ Ethnicities and Emergent Communities
    • 8. Flying the Flag for England? National Identities and British Asian Female Footballers Aarti Ratna
    • 9. Mixing Up the Game: Social and Historical Contours of Black Mixed Heritage Players in British Football Mark Christian
    • 10. ‘Tough Talk’, Muscular Islam and Football: Young British Pakistani Muslim Masculinities Samaya Farooq
  • The Cultural Politics of Fandom
    • 11. The Limits to Cosmopolitanism: English Football Fans at Euro 2008 Peter Millward
    • 12. ‘Wot, No Asians?’: West Ham United Fandom, the Cockney Diaspora and the ‘New’ East Enders Jack Fawbert
    • 13. ‘They Sing That Song’: Sectarianism and Conduct in the Informalised Spaces of Scottish Football John Flint and Ryan Powell
  • Equity, Anti-Racism and the Politics of Campaigning
    • 14. Negative Equity? Amateurist Responses to Race Equality Initiatives in English Grass-Roots Football Jim Lusted
    • 15. Football, Racism and the Limits of ‘Colour Blind’ Law: Revisited Simon Gardiner and Roger Welch
    • 16. Marrying Passion with Professionalism: Examining the Future of British Asian Football Kuljit Randhawa
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