Hapa: One Step at a Time [KQED Upcoming Broadcasts]

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Hapa: One Step at a Time [KQED Upcoming Broadcasts]

KQED: Public Media for Northern California
KQED World (Comcast 190, Digital 9.3)
2013-01-21, 07:30 and 13:30 PST (Local Time)

Race remains a powerful symbol in the US; it still is a shorthand notation for most Americans. This program speaks to how individuals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent are embracing their ethnic experiences as a symbol of change in an ever-evolving multicultural society. It is a thought-provoking exploration of what it means to be a mixed-race American today. The program is a first-person treatment of the struggles people of diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives face. “Hapa” comes from the Hawaiian phrase hapa haole, which means half white/foreigner. Once considered a derogatory term, Hapa has come to be accepted as a way to describe a person of partial Asian ancestry. By Japanese American Midori Sperandeo, who provides a personal narrative about her evolution from a novice runner into a national class marathoner andshares the parallel path of her personal growth in searching for her racial identity.

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