“Us versus Them” – A Thought on the Complexities of Multiracial Passing

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“Us versus Them” – A Thought on the Complexities of Multiracial Passing

Multiracial Media: Voice of the Multiracial Community

Joanna L. Thompson, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice
University of Illinois, Chicago

Is this an example of “Multiracial Passing?” Photo credit: YouTube

Recently, a post on TheRoot.com discussed the challenges Sofia Richie, daughter of iconic singer Lionel Richie, faces in the fashion industry. As a mixed-race, half Black/half White individual, Richie presents more White than Black. Because Richie presents more White than Black due to her light-skinned complexion, she mentioned in the interview that many White people who work around her feel comfortable saying racist things because ultimately, they forget or do not even know she is also Black. In a world that is growing more multiracial each day, the topic of passing is more prevalent than ever. The topic also raises questions which have yet to be answered. How do light-skinned multiracial individuals handle the racism that exists around them, whether it is directly or indirectly intended at them? And how can people who are not mixed-race do better at not only decreasing their racist remarks, but respecting spaces where the presence of light-skinned multiracial individuals are high?…

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Family Business

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Family Business

December 2016/January 2017

Written by Rebecca Haithcoat
Photography by Sasha Samsonova

Sofia Ritchie

Sofia Richie has been known to the world as Lionel Richie’s daughter, Nicole Richie’s half-sister, and Justin Bieber’s BAE. Now, the aspiring model is ready to make her solo debut—Without Losing her Privacy.

Sorry—Sofia Richie does not want to talk about Justin Bieber.

Sitting in an outdoor booth at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s luxurious Polo Lounge, Richie’s manager, Alex Avant, is setting the terms of her impending interview. Hollywood handlers are typically overprotective, but his chaperoning will prove to be extra oppressive: He’s a longtime family friend and has been personally tasked by Richie’s father, Lionel, to take care of his baby.

Whatever Richie wants, she gets. And what she wants is no Bieber questions.

“There are just so many rumors and lies,” Avant says. He waves at Russell Simmons across the room.

Avant is told this interview is a great way to clear up those rumors and lies.

He shakes his head.

So, Sofia and Justin, are they still…?

He nods, then shakes his head, somehow confirming and denying at the same time. “Just no questions,” he says finally.

This is unfortunate, because at the present time, Sofia Richie, 18, is known for three things: her famous family (singer and father Lionel and former reality star/current fashion-plate sister Nicole), walking in Kanye West’s most recent Yeezy Season fashion show (the one whose casting call was for “multiracial women only”), and, yes, dating Bieber

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Lionel Richie’s Daughter Sofia Says People Say Racist Stuff Around Her Not Knowing She’s Black

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Lionel Richie’s Daughter Sofia Says People Say Racist Stuff Around Her Not Knowing She’s Black

The Root

Yesha Callahan, Senior Editor

Sofia Richie during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 11, 2016
Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

The model spoke about the racism she’s subjected to because people don’t see her as a black woman.

Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t subjected to everyday racism. Especially when people forget that she’s actually black.

“I’m very light, so some people don’t really know that I’m black,” Sofia Richie, 18, said in an interview with Complex. “I’ve been in situations where people will say something kind of racist, and I’ll step in and they’ll be like, ‘Oh, well, you’re light.’”

And it’s those statements that might cause her to go off…

Read the entire article here.

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