Ethnic Identity Problems and Prospects for the Twenty-first Century – Fourth Edition

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Ethnic Identity Problems and Prospects for the Twenty-first Century – Fourth Edition

AltaMira Press
June 2006
436 pages
7 x 9 1/4
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-7591-0972-8
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-7591-0973-5

Edited by:

Lola Romanucci-Ross, Professor Emerita of Family and Preventive Medicine
University of California, San Diego

De George A. Vos (1922-2010), Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
University of California, Berkeley

Takeyuki Tsuda, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Arizona State University

In this thoroughly revised fourth edition, with ten new chapters, the editors provide thought-provoking discussions on the importance of ethnicity in different cultural and social contexts. The authors focus especially on changing ethnic and national identities, on migration and ethnic minorities, on ethnic ascription versus self-definitions, and on shifting ethnic identities and political control. The international group of scholars examines ethnic identities, conflicts and accommodations around the globe, in Africa (including Zaire and South Africa), Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, the United States, Thailand, and the former Yugoslavia. It will serve as an excellent text for courses in race & ethnic relations, and anthropology and ethnic studies.

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Cultural Representation in Native America

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Cultural Representation in Native America

AltaMira Press
August 2006
192 pages
Cloth 0-7591-0984-2 / 978-0-7591-0984-1
Paper 0-7591-0985-0 / 978-0-7591-0985-8

Edited by:

Andrew J. Jolivétte, Associate Professor of American Indian Studies
San Francisco State University

Today as in the past there are many cultural and commercial representations of American Indians that, thoughtlessly or otherwise, negatively shape the images of indigenous people. Jolivétte and his co-authors challenge and contest these images, demonstrating how Native representation and identity are at the heart of Native politics and Native activism. In portrayals of a Native Barbie Doll or a racist mascot, disrespect of Native women, misconceptions of mixed race identities, or the commodification of all things “Indian”, the authors reveal how the very existence of Native people continues to be challenged, with harmful repercussions in social and legal policy, not just in popular culture. The authors re-articulate Native history, religion, identity, and oral and literary traditions in ways that allow the true identity and persona of the Native person to be recognized and respected. It is a project that is fundamental to ethnic revitalization and the recognition of indigenous rights in North America. This book is a provocative and essential introduction for students and Native and non-Native people who wish to understand the images and realities of American Indian lifeways in American society.

Table of Contents

  • PART I: Contestation and Representation, Chapter 1: Mapping Contests in Unknown Locations
    Paula Gunn Allen
  • Say Hau to Native American Barbie
    Kim Shuck
  • Liquor Moccasins
    Philip Klasky
  • (Dis)Locating Spiritual Knowledge: Embodied Ideologies, Social Landscapes, and the Power of the Neoshamanic Other
    Sara Sutler-Cohen
  • Mascots in the New Millennium
    Winona LaDuke
  • PART II: Contestation and Politics, Chapter 6: Native American Resistance and Revitalization in the Era of Self-Determination
    Troy Johnson
  • Identity, Oral Tradition, and Inter-generational Healing in the Southern Paiute Salt Songs
    Melissa Nelson
  • In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
    Winona LaDuke
  • Part III: Contestation and Mixed Race Identity; Chapter 9: In the Tracks of ‘the’ Native Woman
    Norma Alarcon
  • Chapped with Weather and Age: Mixed-Blood Identity and the Shape of History
    Sara Stuler-Cohen
  • Dunn Playing Indian
    Carolyn Dunn
  • Examining the Regional and Multi-Generational Context of Creole and American Indian Identity
    Andrew Jolivette
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Cinderella Story: A Scholarly Sketchbook about Race, Identity, Barack Obama, the Human Spirit, and Other Stuff that Matters

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Cinderella Story: A Scholarly Sketchbook about Race, Identity, Barack Obama, the Human Spirit, and Other Stuff that Matter

AltaMira Press
February 2010
228 pages
Cloth ISBN: 0-7591-1176-6 / 978-0-7591-1176-9  

James Haywood Rolling, Jr., Associate Professor of Art Education
Syracuse University

Cinderella Story is an experimental autoethnography that explores critical racial issues in America through the media of language and images. Rolling asks, How do words and images-involving stories and paradigms, past and future, perceptions of beauty and ugliness-become flesh? How are they done and undone? In this supple and complex narrative, the author peers deeply into his own life and attitudes, and into the racial images and ideas made explicit by American history as a whole, to sort out fact from fiction in new and ingenious ways.

Table of Contents

Prologue: An Old Story
Episode One: Borderlines
Episode Two: Homelessness
Episode Three: Origins
Episode Four: Breech Births and Cinderella Endings
Episode Five: Monsters Deconstructed
Episode Six: Figuring Myself Out
Episode Seven: Messing around with Identity Constructs
Episode Eight: Disruptions
Episode Nine: Secular Blasphemy
Episode Ten: Propaganda
Episode Eleven: Invisibility and In/di/visuality
Episode Twelve: The Meeting
Episode Thirteen: Self-Portrait, with Stern Resistance
Episode Fourteen: (Re)Appearances
Episode Fifteen: Self Portrait, with Backlighting
Episode Sixteen: The One-Drop Rule
Episode Seventeen: Self-Portrait, with Possibilities
Episode Eighteen: Epilogue, with New Story Values

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