Miscegenation Blues: Voices of Mixed Race Women

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Miscegenation Blues: Voices of Mixed Race Women

Sister Vision Press
May 1994
389 pages
8.8 x 5.8 x 1 inches
Paperback ISBN: 092081395X; ISBN 13: 9780920813959
This book is out of print.

Edited by

Carol Camper

Miscegenation Blues: Voices of Mixed Race Women is a stunning and long awaited collection of some of the most poignant writing by more than forty women of mixed racial heritage.  Together they explore the concept of a mixed race identity, the fervour of belonging, the harsh reality of not belonging—of grappling in two or more worlds and the final journey home.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Carol Camper Into the Mix
  • Edge to the Middle … location, identity, paradox
    • Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar Ms. Edge Innate
    • A. Nicole Bandy Sorry, Our Translator’s Out Sick Today
    • Culture Is Not Static
    • Lisa Jensen “journal entry 25/10/92″
    • Elehna de Sousa Untitled
    • Nadra Qadeer Spider Woman
    • Deanne Achong Untitled
    • Michele Chai Don’t
    • Naomi Zack My Racial Self Over Time
    • Mercedes Baines Mulatto Woman a honey beige wrapper
    • Mixed Race Women’s Group—Dialogue One
    • Michele Paulse Commingled
    • Lara Doan Untitled
    • Lisa Suhair Majaj Boundaries, Borders, Horizons
  • But You Don’t Look Like a… faces, body, hair
    • Lisa Jensen (one more time now.)
    • Ijosé Two Halves—One Whole (Part I)
    • Two Halves—One Whole (Part two)
    • Ngaire Blankenberg Untitled
    • Blue
    • Joanne Arnott Mutt’s Memoir
    • Lois Robertson-Douglass No Nation Gal
    • Marilyn Elain Carmen The Issue of Skin Colour
    • Claire Huang Kinsley Questions People Have Asked Me
    • Questions I Have Asked Myself
    • Gitanjali Saxena Second Generation; Once Removed
  • My Name is Peaches… obiectification.exoticizaiton
    • Mercedes Baines Bus Fucking
    • Where Are You From? A broken record
    • Michele Chai Resistance 153
    • S.R.W. What is a “Sister”?
    • Barbara Malanka Noblewomen In Exile
    • Stephanie Martin Is true what dem seh bout colrd pussy?
    • Michelle La Flamme Yo White Boy
    • Carol Camper Genetic Appropriation
    • Family Album
  • Some More Stories
    • Annharte Emilia I Should a Said Something Political
    • Victoria Gonzalez Nicaragua, Desde Siempre: War fragments from a woman’s pen
    • Marilyn Dumont The Halfbreed Parade
    • The Red & White
    • S.R.W. For My Sister Rosemary: Just Like Mine
    • Claiming Identity: Mixed Race Black Women Speak
    • Joanne Arnott Song About
    • kim mosa mcneilly don’t mix me up
  • The Unmasking… betrayals, hard truths
    • Lorraine Mention Journal Entry: Thoughts on My “Mother”
    • Letter to a Friend
    • Nadra Qadeer To a Traveller
    • Nila Gupta Falling from the Sky
    • Rage is my sister
    • Jaimi Carter Are You Writing a Book?
    • Nona Saunders Mother Milk
    • Children’s Games
    • Pussy Willows and Pink
    • S.R.W. Untitled
    • That Just Isn’t Right
    • Michi Chase One
    • Karen Stanley Warnings (Suspense Version)
    • Joanne Arnott Little On The Brown Side
    • Speak Out, For Example
    • Anonymous White Mother, Black Daughter
    • Mixed Race Women’s Group—Dialogue Two
    • Heather Green This Piece Done, I Shall Be Renamed
    • Myriam Chancy Je suis un Nègre
    • Yolanda Retter Quincentennial Blues
  • Are We Home Yet?… return to self and cultures
    • Diana Abu-Jaber Tbe Honeymooners
    • Nona Saunders Tapestry I
    • Tapestry II Carole Gray Heritage
    • Bernardine Evaristo Letters from London
    • Ngaire Blankenberg Halifax
    • Kukumo Rocks Route to My Roots
    • Pam Bailey Naming and Claiming Multicultural Identity
    • Maxine Hayman Shortbread and Oolichan Grease
    • Seni Seneviratne Cinnamon Roots
    • Shanti Thakur Domino: Filming the Stories of Interracial People
    • Nila Gupta The Garden of My (Be)Longing 350
    • Gitanjali Saxena Gitanjali’s Bio
    • Kathy Ann March Like Koya
    • Faith Adiele Learning to Eat
    • The Multicultural Self
    • Remembering Anticipating Africa
  • Contributors’ Notes
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Wild Cinnamon and Winter Skin

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Wild Cinnamon and Winter Skin

Peepal Tree Press: The Best in Caribbean Writing
64 pages
ISBN: 9781845230500

Seni Seneviratne

Seni Seneviratne’s debut collection offers a poetic landscape that echoes themes of migration, family, love and loss and reflects her personal journey as a woman of Sri Lankan and English heritage.

The poems cross oceans and centuries. In ‘Cinnamon Roots’ Seni Seneviratne travels from colonial Britain to Ceylon in the 15th century and back to Yorkshire in the 20th Century; in A Wider View time collapses and carries her from a 21st century Leeds back to the flax mills of the 19th century; poems like ‘Grandad’s Insulin’, based on childhood memories, place her in 1950’s Yorkshire but echo links with her Sri Lankan heritage.

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